This post reviews d24n activities in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

In 2020, we were very happy to fund work by Professor Tim Roughgarden on EIP-1559. Tim delivered a very useful academic report on his work, as well as a presentation. We funded food and other expenses for 12 community meetup events (including the event at which Tim made his presentation). Our 2020 form 990 tax return gives details about other grants as well as a wonderful donation.

In 2021, we received an excellent report from Sigma Prime for research related to Ethereum 2, specifically related to development of the Lighthouse consensus client. This was originally funded in 2020. In Aug 2021 we described classes on blockchain technology that we would like to fund; more on this later. We funded 16 community events. Our federal 2021 tax return shows our donations, grants, and other financials.

In early 2022 we made a grant to the University of São Paulo for development of a credit-bearing class on blockchain and other decentralizing technologies. If you understand Brazilian Portuguese, check out videos as they are released by Professor Marcos Antonio Simplicio Junior. We sponsored seven meetup events in 2022.

In an upcoming post, we will share our 2022 tax return (due to California wildfires, the deadline for our 2022 return is not until October 16, 2023). As always, we welcome applications for funding, for example for a class on blockchain technology.