The Foundation funded eleven technical events and funded two grants in 2019. Donations worth $13,134 (at the time of donation) were received. At the end of 2019 the foundation had on- and off-chain assets worth about $7,701. We say “about” because the value of on-chain assets are not stable.

The foundation funded Simon Castano 0.20281 BTC (about $1920) for work on Bitcoin.jl and related software in the Brane project. The foundation also funded Matt Quinn 0.04805 BTC (about $455) for bootstrapping the “Distributed Saturdays” in the Blockchain Free school. Neither of these projects have submitted a report.

Food for eleven Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup events were paid for by the foundation. Examples include an event on March 17 in which Origin presented their protocol for building peer-to-peer marketplaces, Vivek Bagaria presenting on operating blockchains at physical limits on May 26, a proof-of-stake introduction on June 30, and Steve Waldman presenting on sbt-ethereum on Oct 13. The membership expenses for the SV Eth meetup were also paid. The foundation paid $750 for 5 months of membership at Hacker Dojo, though we have found venues at which events can be held free and stopped the Hacker Dojo membership.

Other expenses include $394 for domains and website hosting and $195 for to a law firm (they charged us for their response to our email telling them they were too expensive). For more details, see our 2019 financial report. You may also want to compare with the 2018 report.